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Alternative Payments

Simplify your business with one of our programs.

Buyout | Bounty
Actively target potential customers and compensate them by buying them out of existing contracts when they sign.
Gift with Purchase
With a call to action you can reward your customers with a one-time payment for purchasing from you.
Incentivize your new customers with a rebate for their purchase that they can redeem at their leisure.
Employee Rewards
Pay your employees in a timelier fashion for their incentives as well as rewarding them for their efforts.
Customer Loyalty
Reward your customers for their loyalty by giving them incentives to purchase more services from you.
Our company

Elite Group's goal is to help companies establish a superior consumer loyalty​ and rewards program, place the customers' needs first in the fulfillment process and above​ all is consumer friendly.

Elite Group offers a flexible platform developed for retailers, service providers and consumers and we are a leading provider of innovative promotional and loyalty programs. We can help you save time and money while we assist you in elevating your business.

Elite Group understands the importance of making the customer’s experience seamless for the client. We have an in-house call center to answer any question a customer might have as well as a web portal that can be accessed by all customers 24/7/365. 

Your employee’s are just as important as your customers. We can assist you in having incentives and rewards transferred to the hands of your employees faster. And just like your customers, your employee’s are able to utilize our customer services 24/7/365.

Elite Group is a financial technology company that creates technologies to assist niche markets such as branded and non-branded prepaid cards, customized reloadable and non-reloadable prepaid programs, virtual mobile wallet options and many more.


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